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Unformatted text preview: 0306-250 Assembly Language Programming Fall 2009 Homework Three Solution 1. Write an assembly language subroutine Total according to these specifications. · Accepts a pointer to an array of words in register X. · Accepts a word value in register Y, which indicates the number of array elements. · Returns the sum of the array elements in register D. · On return, preserves contents of all registers, other than return result register. (continued on next page) Page 1 of 2 0306-250 20091 Homework Three Page 2 of 2 2. For the subroutine specified below, write an assembly language code fragment to set the input parameters for the subroutine, call the subroutine, and retrieve the return parameters. Note: Do not write the subroutine—just setup the call, call it, and process the return. MatrixMult: ;************************************************ ; This subroutine performs matrix multiplication: ; MatrixF = MatrixP * MatrixQ ; Input parameters: ; 6,SP: Address of first element of MatrixP ; 4,SP: Address of first element of MatrixQ ; 2,SP: Address of first element of MatrixF ; X: Number of Rows and Columns in MatrixP ; D: Number of Rows and Columns in MatrixQ ; Output parameters: ; D: Number of Rows and Columns of MatrixF ; C (bit in CCR): 0: multiplication successful; ; 1: otherwise ; No other registers modified. ; NOTE: For number of rows and columns parameters, ; the most significant byte of the register ; must contain the number of rows, ; and the least significant byte must contain ; the number of columns. ;************************************************ ; . . . Unspecified code/algorithm . . . ;************************************************ rts Your code fragment to call should use the variable and symbol definitions that follow. It should use MatrixMult to compute the product of matrix P and matrix Q and to store the result in matrix F. In addition your code fragment should set the row and column variables of matrix F if and only if no errors were detected during the multiplication operation. P_ROWS: P_COLS: MatrixP: Q_ROWS: Q_COLS: MatrixQ: MatrixF: FRows: FCols: EQU EQU DS.W EQU EQU DS.W DS.W DS.B DS.B 33 44 (P_ROWS*P_COLS) 44 50 (Q_ROWS*Q_COLS) 2000 1 1 Grading Criteria · · 10%: Code format—proper indentation, proper comments. etc., (especially proper subroutine descriptive header comments) 90%: Correct passing and use of parameters ...
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