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Unformatted text preview: 0306-250 Assembly Language Programming Fall 2009 Homework Four 1. Describe the details of initializing the SCI and ECT (timer) to generate interrupt requests. Be sure to describe all bits of the control registers that must be set and/or cleared and why each bit/field must have the value that you indicate. 2. List the differences between (1) a subroutine and (2) an interrupt handler. 3. Explain what happens from the time an IRQ is asserted until the time the RTI instruction is executed. (Note: There are many steps involved, so take your time and be specific.) 4. Explain the differences among (1) interrupts, (2) exceptions, and (3) traps. Grading Criteria · · · · · 10 points: Overall presentation—accurate and thorough answer/solution, which gives the answer and explains how it was derived 20 points: Question 1 20 points: Question 2 30 points: Question 3 20 Points: Question 4 Page 1 of 1 ...
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