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Unformatted text preview: Serial Driver Design Serial port (SCI0) interrrupt · Number of conditions that generate serial port interrupt: two - Receive (Rx) interrupt—character received by SCI0 - Transmit (Tx) interrupt—SCI0 ready to transmit character · ISR pseudo-code Read interrupt status if (RxInterrupt) then Read character from SCI0 RDR Enqueue character in RxQueue ; Character lost if RxQueue full endif endif if (TxInterrupt) then Dequeue character from TxQueue if (dequeue successful) then Write character to SCI0 TDR else Disable TxInterrupt endif endif Page 1 of 3 Serial Driver Design Page 2 of 3 Receive (Rx) and Transmit (Tx) triggers · Rx interrupt—receive data register full (RDRF) SCI0 received character and is ready for character to be read. · Tx interrupt—transmit data register empty (TDRE) SCI0 is ready to accept a character to be transmitted. Software (assembly language program) interface · Needs to be able to send and receive characters over serial link · Must interface with serial driver - Program does not access SCI0 directly. - Instead, program accesses queues for receiving and transmitting. - Characters are sent/received from/to queues by ISR. · RxQueue—queue for receiving characters from serial port. · TxQueue—queue for transmitting characters over serial port. Receive software interface · From software perspective, receiving characters from serial port is dequeuing characters from RxQueue. · Psuedo-code to receive a character in program GetChar: repeat Dequeue character from RxQueue until (dequeue successful) Serial Driver Design Page 3 of 3 Transmit software interface · From software perspective, transmitting characters from serial port is enqueuing characters to TxQueue. · Psuedo-code to transmit a character in program PutChar: repeat Enqueue character until (enqueue successful) Enable TxInterrupt Queues and waiting · If queues are large enough, driver and program do not wait. · Conditions for waiting in assembly language program using serial driver - TxQueue full when PutChar subroutine called - RxQueue empty when GetChar subroutine called ...
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