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Unformatted text preview: Multiprecision Arithmetic Arithmetic on numbers larger than data format · BCD numbers larger than 2 digits (1 byte) · Standard binary numbers larger than register (16 bits = 2 bytes) BCD · As observed in Lab Exercise 6, BCD instructions use carry (“C”) bit as well as half (“H”) bit. · C bit of CCR - Carry for addition - Borrow for subtraction · Example: Subroutine to add 2 BCD strings of 16 BCD digits: String1 = String1 + String2 BCD_BYTES: EQU 8 ; # bytes for 16 BCD digits AddBCD: ldab #BCD_BYTES ;Loop counter ldx #(String1+BCD_BYTES) ;String1 ptr ldy #(String2+BCD_BYTES) ;String2 ptr clc ;clear C bit if CCR Loop: ;repeat { ldaa 1,-x ; adca 1,-y ; daa A = byte of String1 + byte of String2 ; Adjust A for BCD add Store in String1 staa 0,x ; dbne b,Loop ;} until (--B == 0) rts MyData: SECTION String1: DS.B BCD_BYTES String2: DS.B BCD_BYTES Page 1 of 2 Multiprecision Arithmetic Page 2 of 2 Standard binary numbers · HCS instructions for arithmetic with carry (C bit) - ADCA (M)—byte ADCB (M)—byte - · · A ß A + (M) + C SBCA (M)—byte · A ß A - (M) - C · B ß B + (M) + C SBCB (M)—byte · B ß B - (M) - C Example: Subroutine to add two 64-bit numbers: Num1 = Num1 + Num2 NUM_BYTES: EQU 8 ; # bytes in 64-bit number Add64: ldab #NUM_BYTES ;loop counter ldx #(Num1+NUM_BYTES) ;Ptr. to Num1 ldy #(Num2+NUM_BYTES) ;Ptr. to Num2 clc ;Clear C bit of CCR Loop: ;repeat { ldaa 1,-x ; adca 1,-y ; + byte of Num2 staa 0,x ; Num1 = Num1 + Num2 dbne b,Loop ;} until (--B == 0) rts MyData: SECTION Num1: DS.B NUM_BYTES Num2: DS.B NUM_BYTES A = byte of Num1 ...
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