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EECC 351 HW #3 Due Wednesday 2/3/2010. Show your steps clearly and cleanly . 1. (100 pts) Write complete structural model of a generic n -bit shift register with parallel load. The register is composed of n multiplexers and DFFs. The size of the register is to be parameterized using a generic statement. To instantiate the components, use for and if generate statements. Use behavioral style to model multiplexer and DFF components. The interface of the DFF has to be exactly the
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Unformatted text preview: same as presented in the picture below. Simulate the model to verify its correctness for n=4. Q Q SET CLR D Q Q SET CLR D Q Q SET CLR D Q Q SET CLR D En En En En Mux2 Mux2 Mux2 Mux2 ... ... D(0) D(1) D(2) D(n-1) Q(0) Q(1) Q(2) Q(n-1) clk clear en mode serial_in serial_out...
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