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ModelSim-Tutorial - Introduction to ModelSim(QuestaSim VHDL...

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1 Introduction to ModelSim (QuestaSim) VHDL Simulator ________________________________________________________________________ Table of contents Page I. Basic Unix commands 1 II. Getting Started 1 III. ModelSim basics 1 A. Creating a new project 2 B. Creating and adding files into a project 2 C. Compiling a project 2 IV. Simulating with ModelSim 3 A. Creating test files for the simulator 3 B. Displaying the waveform and running the simulator 4 V. The Waveform 5 VI. The Listing Form 6 ________________________________________________________________________ I. Basic Unix Commands These are some basic commands that will be used in this manual. mkdir dirname Creates a directory ls –options dirname Lists the contents of a directory Options: l – long listing a – all files (including hidden) rm –options file/dir Remove directory or files Options: r – recursively remove directories f – force a yes answer to all prompts cd dirname Change into the directory For further information of Unix commands, in the shell type: man command_name . ________________________________________________________________________ II. Getting Started First, create a new directory for the VHDL project files: mkdir vhdl cd vhdl mkdir lab0 cd lab0 Now, begin the ModelSim simulator by typing:
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2 vsim & (The ‘&’ tells Unix to run the process in the background leaving the terminal reusable) ________________________________________________________________________ III. ModelSim Basics A. Creating a New Project Once ModelSim has been started, create a new project: File > New > Project… Name the project fa (full adder) , click OK. A new window should appear to add new files to the project. Choose Create New File .
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ModelSim-Tutorial - Introduction to ModelSim(QuestaSim VHDL...

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