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synopsys tutorial - Tools for Debugging ModelSim Dataflow...

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Tools for Debugging ModelSim Dataflow This tool will help you debug your code to find the errors in simulation. 1. Download the zip file (74LS153.tar), it contains the following files: and4.vhd or4.vhd invert.vhd mux4to1.vhd model_74ls153.vhd TestBenchStruc.vhd The files include the entity and architectural (Structural Model) description for a 74LS153 chip. 2. In the shell window, unzip the file using the command: tar xvf 74ls153.tar 3. Run ModelSim, and load the un-zipped files in a new project. 4. Compile the files. 5. Simulate testbenchstruc. 6. Add all the signals to the wave window. 7. Run the simulation for 500 ns. 8. You should see the simulation of 74ls153 chip, click anywhere on the simulation so that you see a yellow cursor where you clicked. 9. Choose any point on the waveform (any signal), then double click there. 10. A new window will appear called Dataflow , it will show you the signal you chose as a wire, with the value at that instance. It will show you the connections on both sides of the wire. 11. Try moving the cursor on the waveform window, and watch what happens to the values in the dataflow window. 12. go back to the dataflow window, and double click on the edge of the wire. You will see that the schematic has grown in that direction, and new wire/blocks have appeared, you can keep double clicking on different edges and the schematic will grow showing the values at that instance.
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synopsys tutorial - Tools for Debugging ModelSim Dataflow...

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