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Handshaking Handshaking – asynchronous process of signal interchange by which two digital devices (systems) jointly establish communication. Source (Producer) Acceptor (Customer) Prepare to receive 1 2 Ready to receive Data ready 3 4 Data accepted Data Prepare to receive Ready to receive Data ready Data accepted Data 1 2 3 4 RQ ACK Handshaking - example RQ ACK Data Input_Data handshaking producer cunsomer 32 32 architecture beh of handshaking is signal Data: std_logic_vector (31 downto 0); begin producer: process
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Unformatted text preview: begin wait until Input_Data’ event ; RQ <= ‘0’; wait until ACK=‘0’; Data <= Input_Data; wait for 10 ns; RQ <= ‘1’; wait until ACK=‘1’; end process producer ; consumer: process variable Receive_Data: std_logic_vector (31 downto 0); begin wait until RQ=‘0’; ACK <= ‘0’; wait until RQ=‘1’; Receive_Data <= Data; wait for 20 ns; ACK <= ‘1’; end process consumer ; end architecture beh;...
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