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Hui Fan IE 332 HW2 a) What are differences between systems software and applications software? The differences between these two software are system software are serves primarily as an intermediary between computer hardware and application programs and application software provide more specific functionality to user (Rainer and Turban, “Information system”, p.350). b) What do you see as advantages of speech recognition software? Disadvantages? The advantages of speech recognition software are increasing the speed of typing and make easier for user to input; also it can help disadvantage people to type. The disadvantages are make people become more and more lazy, also it will have affect to literature and make written word become more likely spoken language. c) What are some of the criteria used for evaluating software when planning a purchase? Functionality; Cost and financial terms; upgrade policy and cost; Vendor’s reputation and availability for help; Vendor’s success stories; System flexibility; Easy of internet interface; Availability and quality of documentation; Necessary hardware and networking resources; Required training; Security; Learning; Graphical presentation; Data handling; System-required hardware (Rainer and Turban, “Information system”, p.316). d) What is open source software and what are its advantages? Open sources software is software whose source code is available at no cost to developers or users. Its advantages are open-source development produce high-quality, reliable flexible, low cost
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hw2_hfan - Hui Fan IE 332 HW2 a What are differences...

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