A heartbreaking work of staggering genius essay for English 215-016

A heartbreaking work of staggering genius essay for English 215-016

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1 Alexander Hyatt English 215-016 Dr. Darlin’ Neal November 27, 2007 A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is a personal memoir by Dave Eggers. Really, though, we see that the book is about Dave and his relationship with Toph, his younger brother. Without Toph, Dave’s life would be completely different, for better or for worse it is not exactly clear as of yet. Toph is an integral part of Dave’s life and therefore an integral part of the book. No person makes as large of an impact on Dave’s life as he did. In fact, Dave and Toph had an older sister named Beth, but she is not mentioned an awful lot in the book. This became a point of controversy as she got upset with Dave and felt that he did not credit her enough for her help and support of Toph. She felt that Dave was trying to take all of the attention and credit to make his book more appealing to readers. I do not believe these were Dave’s exact intentions, I believe that Dave was simply writing a story about his own experiences and feelings about life, and that Toph was such a huge portion of his life and his development, that he had to include Toph almost as much as himself throughout the book. I find it quite amusing that Toph is almost as big of a character as Dave is in his own personal memoir. The big question about their relationship is: In what ways did Toph affect Dave’s life and were they good or bad? It seems as though Toph affected just about every aspect of Dave’s life, but he seems to have had different levels of impact in different areas of Dave’s life. It seems as though Toph’s impact is key to Dave’s development and his choices in life. It is apparent that Dave changes his life style to try to present Toph with a
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2 positive environment to live in. In my opinion, most of these changes are positive and constructive for Dave as a person and adult, but some of them may not be the best for Dave but are made more for the betterment of Toph. It is evident though that most of the changes Dave undergoes are hard and trying, but he is a strong person and makes it through and to tell us his story. It seems that two areas that Toph had a vast contribution to the change in Dave’s life are in his love life and in his career or otherwise “adult” life. Finally, a close reading of the work of Dave will give an insight to the change that Dave
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A heartbreaking work of staggering genius essay for English 215-016

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