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Ch 25, Quiz Name _______________________ 1) Which combination of the following species characteristics would cause the greatest likelihood of fossilization in sedimentary rock? I. The species was abundant. II. The species was widespread. III. The species had hard body parts. IV. The species was adapted to desert life. V. The species had a long duration in geologic time. A) I only B) I, II, and V C) I, II, III, and V D) III and IV E) I, II, and III 2) The ostrich and the emu look very similar and live in similar habitats, however they are not very closely related. This is an example of A) adaptive radiation. B) sympatric speciation. C) convergent evolution. D) divergent evolution. E) exaptation. 3) Which of the following pairs are homologous? A) bat wing and human hand B) owl wing and hornet wing C) porcupine quill and cactus spine D) Australian mole and North American mole E) bat forelimb and bird wing 4) The correct sequence from the most to the least comprehensive of the taxonomic levels listed here is A) phylum, kingdom, order, class, species, family, and genus. B) family, phylum, class, kingdom, order, species, and genus. C) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. D) kingdom, phylum, order, class, family, genus, and species. E) phylum, family, class, order, kingdom, genus, and species. 5) Darwin analogized the effects of evolution as the above-ground portion of a many-branched tree, with extant species being the tips of the twigs. The common ancestor of two species is most analogous to which anatomical tree part? A) the trunk
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practicequiz_ch25so08_Word97-2003 (1) - Ch 25, Quiz Name _...

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