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grade after exam 1 - H3 10 OWL due 1/29 scaled to 10 pts H2...

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Your CHM 11600 grade after Exam I.xls Points used to calculate your grade through 2/8/10: Blackboard column* Your points Points possible Description TOTAL 255 Total points to date, not including extra credit T1 145 Exam I (2/8) LAB TOTAL 70 Total lab points to date L3 25 A Chemical Oscillation Reaction (1/27-1/29) L2 25 Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes (1/20-1/22) Q1 10 Course Policy Review (1/13-1/15) L1 10 Basics of Excel (1/13-1/15) HMWK 40 Total homework points to date H4 10 OWL due 2/5 (all hw assignments are
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Unformatted text preview: H3 10 OWL due 1/29 scaled to 10 pts) H2 10 OWL due 1/22 H1 10 OWL due 1/22 (Intro to OWL) *CRMS = Course Record Management System (means your grade is stored in the permanent grade record) Extra Credit points are not shown in the Total on Blackboard. These points will be added to the total at the end of the semester. Detemining your letter grade as of 2/8: Letter grade Points A 213-255 B 188-212 C 163-187 D 138-162 F <138...
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