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CHM 11600 B Spring 2010 Professors Dr. Amy Davidson, BRWN 3130C, 49-45291, [email protected] Dr. William Robinson, WTHR 230B, 49-45453, [email protected] Lectures M and W each week (F as listed in the schedule or as announced) 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm in WTHR 200 Course Supervisor Ms. Marybeth Miller, BRWN 1144, phone: 49-45251; [email protected] Course information Blackboard Vista 4 Things That You Must Do During Week #1: Purchase required materials (see below). Register yourself into the proper OWL course at . (see pp. 15-17) Complete the Introduction to OWL exercises. Read all the information in this course packet. Register your i>clicker at or via the link on the course Blackboard page. Do NOT use the i>clicker web site. Complete the safety certification available on the course Blackboard page with a score of at least 12/15. You must complete your safety certification before you can work in lab. Attend lab check-in and complete the in-lab Excel exercise and course policy review. Required Materials < Textbook : Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, 7th Edition, Kotz, Treichel & Townsend, Thomson/Brooks-Cole Publishing, 2009. < Lab Manual : CHM 11600 Laboratory Manual , Purdue University, Spring 2010 Edition, Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc. < A carbonless laboratory notebook. < A simple battery operated scientific calculator with exponential, logarithm and square root functions will be needed for exams. Two-line non-programmable calculators are allowed. Alpha-numeric and programmable calculators will NOT be allowed for exams. Calculators are available for purchase outside WTHR 200 during the first two weeks of class. < A virus-free electronic storage device for lab data. < Access code for the On-line Web-based Learning (OWL) homework system online ( m ) or at a local bookstore (see pp. 12-14). Note: Codes purchased in Fall 2009 with the bundled CHM 11500 textbook are valid for 24 months and may be used for CHM 11600 this semester. < Approved safety goggles are available at the bookstores, outside WTHR 200 during the first two weeks of classes or from the storeroom on the 1 st or 2 nd floor in BRWN. < A Sharpie (black, permanent ink) for marking lab glassware < A padlock for your assigned lab drawer. < i>clicker available outside WTHR 200 (cash only) during the first week of class or from the bookstores 1
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D ETERMINING YOUR C OURSE G RADE , S PRING 2010 Each CHM 11600 professor is aware that chemistry can be difficult material for some people to learn. At the same time each professor understands that learning chemistry is not impossible and that a variety of different teaching and learning methods may assist with the learning process. In CHM 11600 you will have the opportunity to learn individually, with partners and in groups in lectures, recitations, labs and outside of class study time. Experts indicate that to adequately learn new material in college, two (2) hours of effective study outside regularly scheduled class time each week per one (1) credit hour is required.
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course packet - CHM 11600 B Professors Lectures Course...

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