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Case 1 - Empress Luxury Lines Empress Luxury Lines There...

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Empress Luxury Lines Empress Luxury Lines. There are many different approaches Antonio could take to resolve his situation; however there is only one correct one. Antonia definitely shouldn’t treat Kevin’s communication as confidential. He should be honest, even though it could place his job in jeopardy. Considering the degree of personal risk versus the probability that the problem will be addressed, Antonio should utilize the approach that demonstrates good ethics and social responsibility. Utilitarian Approach VS Individualism Approach
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Utilitarian Approach: “Greatest Good for the Greatest Number” The philosophy behind the utilitarian approach is that the result of a decision should benefit the greatest number of people. Thus, if Antonio were to apply the Utilitarian Approach, he would consider the result of his decision very heavily. He would definitely make sure that the company is aware of the situation. Antonio is applying ethics and morals; thus, considering the effect of his decision on everyone (especially Kevin Pfeiffer), and attempt to get the situation resolved in a matter that “optimizes the satisfaction for the greatest number of people”. (pg.142) Individualism Approach: “Greatest Good for the Individual” If Antonio would have applied the individual approach, he would think of his individual long-term interest. Antonio would probably speak directly to his boss regarding this
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