CIS370-1 Syllabus Fall09

CIS370-1 Syllabus Fall09 - California State University...

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California State University Dominguez Hills College of Business Administration and Public Policy Information Systems and Operation Management CIS370-1 Information Systems Theory and Practice Fall 09 MW, 8:30- 9:45 am, SBS-B137 Instructor: Name: Mohammad Eyadat, Ph. D. Office : EAC-806 Office Hours: MW, 10:00 -11:00am, 4:30-5:30 pm, and by email Phone: 310-243-2132 Email: [email protected] Website: Catalog Description This course provides an introduction to organizational systems, planning, and decision process, and how information is used for decision support in organization. It covers the concepts of information systems for competitive advantage, data as resource, quality control and reengineering, management and development of systems, and end-user computing. Mode of Instruction: Hybrid 50%- 70% of course time will be taught online. It will include online assignments including exams, interactive assignments, mini projects, case studies, etc. Prerequisites: Cis270 Required Textbook: Management Information Systems sixth edition, by Oz, E. Course Technology, 2008, ISBN: 1-4239-0178-9 Student Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to Describe the Strategic Uses of Information Systems Describe Information Systems in Business Functions Describe the levels of management and their information needs. Identify the Alternatives Avenues for Systems Acquisition Describe the Use of IS Decision Support Systems in Decision Making List the Considerations Involved in the Organization of Information Technology Describe the Methodologies used in Systems Development Describe Planning Information Systems Describe the main tools of Data and Knowledge Management Perform Systems Analysis and Requirements Definition Case Study Describe Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Revised on 5/10/2010®Eyadat Page 1 of 9
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Course Expectations and Policies: Course Expectations: Each student is expected to read the assigned material and prepare the written assignments prior to class. The university standard for course workload is two hours of outside work for every hour in class, i.e., a 3-unit course requires 6 hours of work outside the classroom, or a total of 9 hrs/week. Attendance Policy: It is expected that students will attend class regularly and participate in the class discussion throughout the Group Discussion Board and the Class Discussion Board. Attendance and class participation will be used in the final determination of grades and can alter your grade up or down . Students with two absences in the first two weeks should drop the course, otherwise may result in a lower grade or failure in the course Academic Integrity: Cheating or plagiarism in connection with an academic program or class at a campus is subject to discipline as provided in Sections 41301 through 41304 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations. Please see the University Catalog for further information. Due Dates/Make Up Work: Examinations must be taken as scheduled; Assignments are due
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CIS370-1 Syllabus Fall09 - California State University...

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