Psychology Test 2 - Positive = adding Psychology Study...

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Increase likelihood that the preceding behavior will be repeated. Positive = adding something Negative = removing something Psychology Study Guide Test 2 Chap. 5, 6, & 7 Classical Conditioning involuntary type of learning in which a neutral stimulus is paired with a stimulus that naturally brings out a response Pavlov UCS (Unconditioned Stimulus) – stimulus that causes a response without having been learned meat CS (Conditioned Stimulus) – a once-neutral stimulus has been paired with an UCS to bring out a response formerly caused only by the UCS bell is now CS after conditioning CR (Conditioned Response) – the response that occurs in response to the CS salivation to bell Extinction – when a previously conditioned response decreases in frequency and eventually disappears Spontaneous recovery – the reemergence of an extinguished conditioned response Reinforcement: Positive reinforcer – a reward stimulus added to the environment that increases a certain behavior Negative reinforcer – an unpleasant stimulus whose removal leads to an increase in the probability that a preceding response will be repeated in the future o Teaches individual that taking an action removes the negative condition Punishment: Positive – weakens a response through the application of an unpleasant stimulus Negative – consists of the removal of something pleasant Physical punishment can convey to the recipient that aggression is acceptable
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Psychology Test 2 - Positive = adding Psychology Study...

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