GDP_Research_Assignment_BEA - regions, all industry total,...

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GDP Research - EXTRA POINT ASSIGNMENT – Due IN CLASS April 21st Name: Date: (This page must be hand-written; PRINT , please!) Visit the Bureau of Economic Analysis Web Site and access the following information: 16. Visit . Under National Accounts: click GDP, then click current dollar and real GDP. Identify the U.S. GDP for following quarters (GDP in billions of current dollars; NOT CHAINED DOLLARS .): a. 2009 Q4 f. 1999 Q4 b. 2009 Q3 g. 1999 Q3 c. 2009 Q2 h. 1999 Q2 d. 2009 Q1 i. 1999 Q1 e. 2008 Q4 j. 1998 Q4 17. Visit . Under Regional Accounts: click GDP by state and metropolitan areas, then click the Interactive table GDP by state, Table Format: select NAICS, Real GDP by state, all states and
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Unformatted text preview: regions, all industry total, 2008 Identify the GDP in 2008 for the following states (GDP by state - millions of current dollars, all industry totals): a. Louisiana b. Texas c. California d. New York e. Mississippi 18. Write a 2 paragraph summary (5 sentences each) of your findings. Please include some of the following: When did the US enter a recession (2009)? When did the US enter recovery (2009)? Production now compared to 10 years ago? How was Louisianas production compared to other states in 2008? Please feel free to include any other information on the BEA website that may be informative and relevant to our class. PLEASE WRITE YOUR SUMMARY ON THE BACK OF THIS PAGE!...
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GDP_Research_Assignment_BEA - regions, all industry total,...

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