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Ethics case - REQUIRED 1 What are the ethical issues The...

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ACCT 201 Ethics Case* Spring 2010 NAME: __Callie Gagnard____ MAJOR: Marketing_____ Please complete items 1 through 4 by typing in your answers in the space provided. Due on Tu esday February 9 th Bill has just started working for a major grocery store as a check-out clerk. Mason is training him in the duties of the new position. At the end of the first day, Bill and Mason are counting the cash in their drawer and reconciling cash receipts to the cash register total. Mason says “We use a cash envelope to deal with cash differences. If you are short today, take the cash out of the cash envelope to balance out. When you have extra cash, put the extra cash in the envelope and report that you were even. This method allows you to “look good” because your cash balances out. It is easier than reporting an “error” every day when your cash is over or short. I’m so glad you will be working with us. It looks like you will catch on to the way we do business here quickly.” *Adapted from “Ethics in the Post-Enron Age” by I. Stuart and B. Stuart (2004).
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Unformatted text preview: REQUIRED: 1. What are the ethical issues? The ethical issue that is involved in this situation is whether or not to listen to Bill and untruthfully record the cash balance of the register. 2. Who are the stakeholders? (at least 3) The stakeholders are Bill, Mason, and the owner of the business. 3. How is each stakeholder you listed in #2 affected? (Be specific). The situation can affect Mason in that he has the potential threat of losing his job for recording a balance that was false, although it will make it easier for him to have a balanced register. Bill is affected also in that he may lose his job. The owner of the business will be affected because his financial statements will not be accurate. 4. What would you do? Explain If I were Mason I would listen to Bill because the owner of the company could have instructed him to do so. However, I would consult the owner about the situation just to make sure that I was doing the right thing with the cash....
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