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Team 09 Eg208-002 April 23, 2007 Rapid Prototyping is used in our current economy in many different applications. It is used to improve the function and accuracy of different tools and procedures in numerous fields of industry. Different methods of prototyping are used to create medical instruments in the United States, as just one example of the many disciplines it can be used in. Rapid Prototyping makes many areas of the designing process much easier. It also makes the communication between the designer and the client less complicated.
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Unformatted text preview: Rapid prototyping uses models to correspond with client in resolving problems and reaching an agreement on a direction for design. It can be used to send models to key providers, thus providing more solid data than just a simple screen shot or paper printout. It provides a fast and proficient way to identify issues and conflicts with a design, early in the process, so as to prevent problems from progressing further down the line....
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