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1 1 BUS 361 Information Systems in Organizations and Society aka Project Management Week 2: Overview of Traditional Project Management 2 Housekeeping Welcome, new students - who are you? Pictures I received some pictures - not all. I’ll come around in exercise today :-) Assignment 1 - Individual Please email me your ideas AFTER today’s class Assignment 2 - MS Project Please follow the instruction manual on WebCT Parking Lot from last week: Critical Path will be part of Chapter 6 on Project Network Diagram 3 Agenda for Week 2 Intro to PMI Role reversal. Your turn… Best way to learn Not always a need to prepare at home, not the time Applied, business reality for sure. Chance to evaluate your project management skills Task 1: Summarize area of Traditional Project Management Get to know students a bit better Students present summaries Critically look at how you manage this mini-project Discussion of presentations and organization of groups
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2 4 A Historical Perspective When and how did PM emerge? From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_management Sputnik crisis of the Cold War. After this crisis, the United States Department of Defense needed to speed up the military project process. PERT (later extended with WBS) Critical Path (DuPont) The process flow and structure of the military undertakings quickly spread into many private enterprises. 5 The role the PMI organization plays in defining Project Management Standards. • US-based, global organization • De facto standard for PM in US and Canada • Most widely known, founded in 1969 • Publishes PMBOK Criticized, used, constantly improved. • How big?
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BUS_361_Week_02 - BUS 361 Information Systems in...

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