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BUS_361_Week_03 - BUS 361 Information Systems in...

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1 1 BUS 361 Information Systems in Organizations and Society aka Project Management Week 3: Creating a Proposal 2 Housekeeping Pictures, video Thank you. Public? Video, passwords, reflection and the notion of constructive feedback… Participation = Attendance? Assignment Assign 1 was due today, thank you! Feedback throughout this week. Activity Log (including time etc.) Quizzes Practice quiz Real quiz Groups 3 Agenda for Week 3 Review What is a Project proposal? Why is it necessary? Essential elements in a proposal Task 2: Creating a Project Proposal Break Presenting Project Proposals Understanding the Approval Process
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2 4 Review from 2 weeks ago (!) 1. Scope the project (p.23, 24-26) 2. Develop the plan (p. 23, 26-27) 3. Launch and monitor plan (p. 23, 27-28) 4. Quality Management (p. 29-32) 5. Risk Identification and Assessment (p. 33-35) 6. Planning for and Monitoring Risk (p. 35-37) 7. Procurement Management and Planning (p. 38-40) 8. Soliciting RFP, selecting vendors and managing contracts (p.40- 42) Project Management can be broken down into areas of management and project phases. The job of a project manager requires a large set of skills and the ability to manage a large number of issues simultaneously. Presentations are difficult and require preparation and experience. 5 Recap Projects Are temporary endeavors undertaken to to create a unique product, service or result. Are motivated by a need or demand. Project Management
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BUS_361_Week_03 - BUS 361 Information Systems in...

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