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paper-pre - one of the main reasons Because hotels have...

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The title of our paper is “What Specific HRM Practices are Hotels Using to Retain Their Employees” As the name implied, our topic is about what HR managers should concern and how they are doing in trying to keep the workers. As good employees are considered to be an organization’s most important competitive advantage, keeping the best staff becomes a crucial task for HR managers. This is particularly true in the hotel industry where quality service is regarded as one of the core competences. However, this industry with its longstanding reputation for high turnover always demonstrates issues when dealing with staff retention. Besides the common reasons that happen in all industries, such as unsatisfied payment, bad working conditions, or lack of job security, hotels have to deal with the unique factors that have been contributing to a very high industrial turnover rate. Seasonality is
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Unformatted text preview: one of the main reasons. Because hotels have high low seasons, almost all of them have to deal with employment expansion and contraction throughout the year, especially in the low level. One another reason is lack of opportunity for advancement. Compared with other industries, most low level hotel employees are young, so they tend to have a greater concern about career development. But jobs in this level, such as doorman or housekeeper, don’t really have much advancement potential, so the employees are likely to give up the jobs when they are offered with more challenging positions outside the organization. Consequently, hotels have been experiencing an over 100% turnover rate for many years. And because of that, a number of studies have been conducted to try to find the effective practices to help retain hotel workers. And now I’ll pass it to Lawrence for the research findings...
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