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Final Paper - Hyatt, Hudson, McCord 1 How does one find...

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Hyatt, Hudson, McCord 1 How does one find tranquility? Some people spend lots of money on spas and vacations resorts in order to find tranquility. Whether in the spa, a discreet mountain house, or a remote camp ground in the woods, they are trying to find peace and relaxation in a place that is away from the business of the city, a place of solitude. Others find tranquility in the comfort of their own homes or just around the corner during their special time of the day. Either way, they are most likely alone at least part of the time, alone in solitude. Therefore, it is safe to say that solitude is a place of perfect tranquility. Upon receiving our phrase from Ms. Rogers, we were somewhat apprehensive about how we would go about persuading our audience to understand our claim through visual rhetoric. Our claim is, “Solitude is a place of perfect tranquility”. Our initial step began with defining the words solitude and tranquility to help us better understand how we could visually persuade the audience of our claim. Privacy, isolation, seclusion, and loneliness were among some of the synonyms we found for solitude. These words gave us a visual image of solitude most frequently found in nature. Calm, quiet, serenity, and harmony are words synonymous with tranquility and they also reminded us of characteristics of nature. Along with characteristics of nature, we found that solitude and tranquility can also be found in examples such as a nun, lighthouse, etc.; we will further discuss these examples in the following paragraphs. The targeted audience is the college students in our English 103 class. We feel that these students are intelligent enough to associate our use of text and visuals to comprehend the meaning of our claim. Since they are our peers, we used visual images that we identified with as being representations of solitude and tranquility in hopes that they would visualize it the same. Our hope is that by displaying synonyms for each of the words in our claim, the audience will be able to associate those synonyms with the images and derive our claim. For our audio, we played a noise machine which played six different noises, including a heart beat, spring rain, mountain
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Hyatt, Hudson, McCord 2 stream, white noise, ocean waves, and summer night. We hope that the student’s knowledge that the device used was a sleep machine and its function, that they will associate the supposed tranquility of the sounds with our claim. This should help insure their understanding of the claim and further put to use the sound machine as a piece of rhetoric. Our first visual display is a poster that includes several images of nature and man-made
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Final Paper - Hyatt, Hudson, McCord 1 How does one find...

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