MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 01 Objective Assignment

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BIOL215 Lecture Week 01 Objective Assignment Chapter 1: Human Body Orientation 1. Explain the principle of complementarity. Page 3 Paragraph 2 Simply stated, one depends on the other. Isolation of one will result in the inability of the other to function. A systems physiologic function is dependent on its anatomy to provide the required support to work properly. In turn, the anatomy of a structure is designed to fit its physiologic function. In essence, both are needed for life to sustain itself and continue. Homeostasis 1. Define homeostasis and explain its significance. Page 8 Paragraph 4 Homeostasis is the dynamic balance of the internal environment of the body.
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Unformatted text preview: This delicate balance is required in order for the body to maintain its health, regulate systems, and sustain itself. 2. Describe how negative and positive feedback maintains body homeostasis. Page 9 – Paragraph 2 Homeostasis is maintained by intersystem communication within the body through information signals relayed from one system to another in order to generate a needed response. Negative feedback is the body's attempt to regain or restore the physiologic balance. Positive feedback results in the body accelerating, intensifying, or enhancing the variable in order to achieve a specific result or set off a chain of events....
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