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MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 10 Objective Assignment

MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 10 Objective Assignment - BIOL215...

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BIOL215 Lecture Week 10 Objective Assignment Chapter 10: The Muscular System 1. Describe the function of prime movers, antagonists, synergists, and fixators. Prime movers are part of a function muscle group that has the major responsibility for producing a specific movement i.e., biceps brachii is the prime mover, or agonist, of elbow flexion. Antagonists are muscles that oppose or reverse a particular movement i.e., triceps brachii in forearm extension. Synergists assist prime movers by addition extra force to the same movement or by reducing undesirably or unnecessary movements that might occur as the prime mover contracts i.e., finger flexors to make a fist without having to bend the wrist. Fixators take over when synergists immobilize a bone, or a muscles origin so that the prime mover has a stable base on which to act i.e., fixator muscles that run from the axial skeleton to the scapula. 2. List the criteria used in naming muscles. Provide an example to illustrate the use
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