MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 12 Objective Assignment

MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 12 Objective Assignment - BIOL215...

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Week 12 Objective Assignment Chapter 12: Central Nervous System The Brain 1. Name the major regions of the adult brain. Brainstem, diencephalon, cerebellum and cerebrum. 2. List the major lobes, fissures, and functional areas of the cerebral cortex. Lobes – Frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal Fissures: Medial longitudinal fissure or longitudinal fissure Fissure of Bichat Broca's fissure Burdach's fissure Calcarine fissure Callosomarginal fissure Central fissure or Rolando's fissure Clevenger's fissure Collateral fissure Hippocampal fissure Horizontal fissure or Transverse fissure Occipitoparietal fissure Fissure of Sylvius Wernicke's fissure Zygal fissure Functional areas of brain – Motor, sensory and association areas. Prefrontal Cortex Problem Solving, Emotion, Complex Thought Motor Association Cortex Coordination of complex movement Primary Motor Cortex Initiation of voluntary movement Primary Somatosensory Cortex Receives tactile information from the body Sensory Association Area Processing of multisensory information Visual Association Area Complex Processing of visual information Visual Cortex Detection of simple visual stimuli Wernicke's Area Language comprehension Auditory Association Area Complex Processing of auditory information Auditory Cortex Detection of sound quality (loudness, tone) Broca's Area Speech production and articulation 3. Explain lateralization of hemisphere function. The human brain is a paired organ; it is composed of two halves (called cerebral hemispheres) that look much alike. The term brain lateralization refers to the fact that the two halves of the human brain are not exactly alike. Each hemisphere has functional specializations: some function whose neural mechanisms are localized primarily in one- half of the brain (i.e., speech, handedness, etc.).
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MSU BIO215 Lecture - Week 12 Objective Assignment - BIOL215...

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