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banning tobacco teens - Scott 1 Whitney Scott Jocson...

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Scott 1 Whitney Scott Jocson English 1143 February 1, 2010 Banning Companies from selling Tobacco to Minors The number of teen smokers is getting larger and larger everyday. Many people in society continue to watch without any action while local businesses continue to sell tobacco products. Recent studies show how that a large percentage of teens today are getting their cigarettes, from convenience store, and mostly gas stations. Furthermore most Teens under the age of 18 say they get their cigarettes, from friends or other family members. ( About 65% of children in each grade said they have friends or relatives buy cigarettes for them, also revealed that about half of the students said they bought cigarettes themselves from some type of retail store. Often at convenience stores or gas stations, few students had to provide proof of age, even through all 50 states and the District of Columbia restrict tobacco sales to minors. In addition just 25% of 8 th graders, 36% of 10 th grades, and 40% of 12 th graders reported having to show ID to make their purchase. ( On the other hand the companies should be punished for selling tobacco to minors, they should lose their rights to sell tobacco, and they should have to pay a fine, especially if the underage teen gets sick that company should have to pay the medical costs of the under age teen and the
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banning tobacco teens - Scott 1 Whitney Scott Jocson...

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