comparison and contrast... m.j

comparison and contrast... m.j - In the article"who do u...

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In the article “who do u love”, Vicky Hallet focus’ on sexuality in America. She talks about how times are changing in society because people use to look down on the gay community, but now it is embraced. Those who were gay were “in the closet” or “down low” and afraid to open up about their sexual preference because of what others might think. Now gays are evolving and getting more comfortable with their sexuality. There are shows like “Queer eye for the straight guy” and “Boy meets Boy” where gays are dating other gay men and even straight men to find love. She speaks about how reality shows are bridging together gay and straight men which is bringing a shift to gay American society. Hallet brings up the question “So are we on our way to a post-gay America, where sexual orientation is no longer an issue?” (Hallet, pg.226). Hallet believes that the line between gay and straight is thinning, making homosexuality easier to accept. Hallet’s views are invalid. The reality is America is still uncomfortable with the fact that there are gay and lesbians in the world. After careful examination, it will be proven that the media portrayal of homosexuals is more derogatory than heterosexuals. Major points of comparison and contrast between homosexuals and heterosexuals in television are the appearance, role, and subject. One point of comparison and contrast is the appearance of homosexuals v.
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comparison and contrast... m.j - In the article"who do u...

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