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Effects of college education

Effects of college education - From elementary junior high...

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From elementary, junior high, high school, to college, education has always been of great importance since the beginning of time. The first college was built in 1636, Harvard University, also known as America’s Oldest University. Along with Harvard, there are over 7,000 colleges in the U.S with over 15 million students (brain track directory). Some colleges include community, technical, and junior colleges. These types of colleges offer education and training programs to students who want to further their career within two years or shorter. Then there are four year colleges and universities that offer a bachelors degree in most areas of study. (U.S Department of Education) Many people attend college annually. Studies show enrollment in degree granting institutions increased by 14 percent between 1987 and 1997. Between 1997 and 2007, enrollment increased by 26 percent. (nces) There are many people that anticipate on going to college; for others they feel like college is a waste of time and money. According to “ The Case against College”, the author feels that college is a waste of time; “ On the social side colleges are withdrawing from responsibility for feeding, housing, policing, and protecting students at a time when the environment of college may be the most important service it could render.” (Caroline Bird 1975) Contrary to popular belief a college degree has significant value. General effects of a
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