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Scott1 Whitney Scott Shaheen English 1123 December 10, 2009 Today’s Celebrities: In today’s media are many celebrities that are famous for their singing and acting. There are also celebrities that are famous because of their name or family background. However, this is a problem in modern pop culture, because celebrities like: Khole Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie seem to get away with breaking the laws no matter how big or small the issue. Furthermore, people should not be able to get away with breaking the law, because they are in the spotlight and everyone knows their name. For instance, Khole Alexandra Kardashian who was born June 27, 1984, is an American television personality, radio host, and model. Kardashian is best known for the television series “ Keeping up with the Kardashian .” Khole Kardashian was charged for driving under the influence and later arrested; the media explained that Khole’s actions were due to difficulties coping with her father’s death (Access Hollywood). In July 2008 Kardashian was sent to jail for violation of probation, for her driving under the influence incident. Kardashian faced a sentence of up to thirty days and enrollment in an alcohol treatment problem. She was released from jail less than three hours later due to overcrowding (Access Hollywood). This is an issue because she broke a law and got away with driving under the influence, because Kardashian is a well known on a reality television show and the media. If this happened to another person they would not have gotten away with driving under the
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Scott2 influence, because it was overcrowded in jail. Besides people would disagree if someone did not serve their time when a law is broken, because it could put a lot of other people driving in danger if someone is under the influence and driving. In addition a person not so popular would have served their time no matter the situation. In the same way Kardashian should have been punished for her actions. On the other hand the next star gets away with everything is Paris Whitney Hilton. Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981: she is an American socialite, heiress, and a media personality. Hilton is known for her sex tape in 2003, and her appearance in the “ Simple Life (DIU.com). In September 2006, Paris Hilton was charged for driving under the influence; due to
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Pop culture essay - Scott1 Whitney Scott Shaheen English...

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