race and nationalism

race and nationalism - Nationalism and Racism are things...

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Nationalism and Racism are things that exist in all the countries of the world. One is can be described as a strong sense of pride in ones nation, and the other a social construct that divides human beings based upon skin color and heritage. Nationalism and its ideas such as the right of citizenship for all does not seem parallel to racism, which is centered around the ideas of separation due to differences. These two things by definition seem like two opposing ideas, yet they are very much relevant to each other and actually cannot exist without one another. The similarities were brought to our attention in the Peter Wade reading when he mentioned how both of these things are based on one thing, which is exclusion. The idea of achieving a national identity through racism is something that has been around for a long time, and the Spanish rule of Latin America is a perfect example. Diane Nelson in Race, Nature and the Politics of Difference puts this in perspective for us with her writing about the Guatemalan Civil War. A War in which the two sides were not really political opponents, but just looked different from one another. In this essay Nationalism and Racism will be further covered and hopefully the connection between the two can be found, and racial identities and how they are central to nationalism will exposed. A burning question that has been a topic of much discussion in our class has been
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race and nationalism - Nationalism and Racism are things...

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