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PSY 3302 Mid-Term Review What are the different ways of knowing/learning about the world? Be able to list and recognize each. What are the objectives and/or goals of science? What are the tenets of science? How is the setting of a study (field vs lab) related to the level of control we have? What is a participant variable? Given a brief research scenario, be able to identify participant variables. What are the sections of an APA manuscript? In general, what goes into each section? What are statistics used for in research? What is effect size? How is a quasi-experimental design different from a true-experimental design? What are the guiding principles of the APA Code of Ethics? How do we convert a conceptual hypothesis into a research hypothesis? What does it mean to say in terms of probability that there is a significant difference? What are Type I and Type II errors? What is meant by statistical power? What does it mean for a study to have external validity?
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