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Islamic Politics final Question - transformation taking...

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University of Colorado at Denver 4165 Political Science Department 3100 Religious Studies Department Islamic Politics and Culture Fall 2009 Final Take Home Exam 4-6 typed pages DUE TUESDAY DEC 8 Answer the Following Question While some Western scholars believe that Islam is on a collision course with West and is inherently inimical to the modern age we live in (Huntington1993,1996, Armesto 1995; Fukuyama 1998; Kepel 2002; Lewis 2002), other scholars (Muslims and non-Muslims), Noorani, Tibi, Bloom & Blair, Seyyed Nasr, and John Esposito suggest that Islamic societies-like other world cultures influenced by traditional religions- are reacting to the global
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Unformatted text preview: transformation taking place. The reaction is a mixture of anger, denials, and social tensions. Like Christianity or Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism, Islam has been adopted for many causes, from modernism to traditionalism, liberalism to conservatism, which may have nothing to do with its original transcendent message of unity and equality before God. A. At this critical period in the Islamic history what issues should be explored or followed by the Muslim societies to bring programmatic changes B. Explain in your own perspective of whether the Islamic world is at the surge of clashes with the West or otherwise. Good Luck...
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