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Hypothesis: In this experiment you will observe the dehydration of a hydrated salt, and will calculate both the percent water by mass and the correct formula for the hydrated salt. By making sure the percent error is less than 5%; %Hydration Theoretical-%Hydration Experimental/%Hydration Theoretical. Obtain a ring stand; Clay triangle, Bunsen burner, crucible with lid. Determine the mass of the cleaned crucible. Add 5.0g of hydrated salt and determine the mass of the crucible with the hydrated salt. Heat the hydrate for 10min set the lid just slightly ajar. Do not allow the crucible to glow red hot. The hydrates have been dried for 10min and allow it to come to room temperature. Then, determine the mass of the crucible. Heating it again for 2min, allow to cool in the
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Unformatted text preview: desicooler, reweigh. If mass is within 0.010g of the previous mass the process is complete. During burn we can see the strong smell and with high heat may decompose the anhydrous salt. Conclusion: The error is 0.3% so did we did this experiment successfully because we didn’t rush on our work or may be because we have to burn it near the flam. Recommendation: By working together and not rushing the experiment will be successful. Time is limited which made us do only one trial if we had more time we will gain more information in this experiment and we will try to do the experiment again to check our results ....
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