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Hypothesis: In this lab we are going to use the titration technique to determine the concentration of different solution of hydrochloric acid. These solutions will be titrated with known solutions of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). We filled the burette with sodium hydroxide (NaOH); we started dropping into the solution( HCL + 3 drop of phenolphthalein) the soon its start dropping the mixture turns pink and then changes to transparent color again, we kept it dropping till the solution became pink we made three trails of the experiment. Analysis of results:
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Unformatted text preview: While we were experimenting one of the solutions had a dark pink color because we had added a lot of sodium hydroxide that means it is over reacted. Conclusion: This experiment shows how to titrate a strong acid-base with sodium hydroxide. The error percentage differed from other groups because of the amount of sodium hydroxide was added in the burette and how much PH was added too. Recommendations: I recommend that read carefully the steps of the procedure for the experiment take cautious when using the acid and take accuracy measurements when adding the acid....
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