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Heat of reaction between Al and NaOH Introduction: In this lab report, we are going to find the heat of reaction between Al and NaOH. To see if the heat of reaction is the heat given or received by the reaction. If the heat is given away by the system, it is exothermic. If it is received by the same, it is endothermic. The specific heat is the capacity to store heat by the system. The reaction as follows: Observation: At the beginning of the experiment we were presented with portion of aluminum foil, safety goggles, test tube and thermometer we begun and weighted 0.10g, 0.15g, and 0.20g portions of aluminum foils. Then, we measured 5ml of 6M-NaOH solution, after that, we put in a large test tube and we dropped the test foil in the tube. After reaction took place the steam begun
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Unformatted text preview: slowly then became more active. We recorded the temperatures of the three portions of foils and each had a different measure. We saw some fume and steam and the solution became black or kind gray.When we add more grams of Al we can see that when the foil react with the NaoH the temperature will jump quickly . Conclusion: This lab shows every chemical reaction can receive or give away heat which is going to be energy that in many form but this experiment it the energy formed as gas or bubbles and also the solution change the colors. The temperature of the solution goes really high and the solution always change the color this due to the reaction of the two elements together....
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