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Unemployment 1 Eco 201,Sec. 006 Unemployment in United States - Outline 1. What is unemployment? This part is written as an introductory paragraph in which the definition of unemployment and the possible impact of unemployment on society in general 2. Unemployment rates in U.S In this section unemployment rates in US is discussed with the specific emphasize on current dip in economy. A table which explains the recent unemployment rate changes is also provided. 3. Relationship between unemployment and macroeconomics In this section, basic idea about macroeconomics is provided and then unemployment is connected to macroeconomic theories. It explains the relation between inflation and unemployment with the help of a graph. 4. Causes of unemployment The current economic crisis, globalization, outsourcing of jobs, and the variation of
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Unformatted text preview: willingness among different people in accepting lowly paid jobs etc are identified as the causes of unemployment in US in this part. 5. Effects of unemployment on economy and the business cycle The relationship between economic growth and unemployment is dealt in this section. 6. Effect of unemployment on society Unemployment 2 The social evils like violence; robbery etc is identified as the net effect of unemployment on society in this part. 7. Solutions for unemployment problems The possible solutions like infrastructure development and reduction in government spending on non productive sectors are discussed as the solutions of current unemployment problems in US in this section 8. Conclusions Summary and findings has been explained in short in this part....
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285999_1194818_outline - willingness among different people...

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