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New Word 2007 Document (8) - (has a low approximation error...

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Non-linear Ploting Suppose we want to know if there is a solution to: if the solution is unique, and what that solution is. This is not an algebraic equation, and there is little hope of forming an explicit expression for the solution. Since we can't solve this equation exactly, it's worth knowing whether there is anything we can say about it. In fact, if there is a solution      to the equation, we can probably find a computer representable number x which approximately satisfies the equation (has low residual error) and which is close to
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Unformatted text preview: (has a low approximation error). The exercise below uses a plot to illustrate the existence of a solution. Note: Matlab has the capability of plotting some functions by name. We won't be using this capability in this course because it is too specialized. Instead, we will construct plots the way you probably learned when you first learned about plotting: by constructing a list of -values and corresponding -values and then plotting the points with lines connecting them....
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