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Exercise 1 : The following steps show how to use Matlab to plot the functions and        together in the same graph from to . 1. Define a Matlab (vector) variable xplot to take on 100 evenly-spaced values between -pi and pi . You can use linspace to do this. 2. Define the (vector) variable y1plot by y1plot=cos(xplot) . 3. Define the (vector) variable y2plot by y2plot=xplot
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Unformatted text preview: . 4. Plot both y1plot and y2plot by plotting the first, 5. plot(xplot,y1plot) then hold on , plot the second, and hold off . The two lines intersect, clearly showing that a solution to the equation exists. Include the Matlab commands you used in your summary file. Send me the plot in the form of a jpg file. To create such a file, use the command...
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