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1. Why is the name EPSILON all capitalized? 2. What does the sign(x) function do? What if x is 0? 3. What does the expression sign(fb) * sign(fc) <= 0 say about fb and fc ? 4. What is the purpose of the statement approxRoot = (xb+xa)/2; preceeding the while statement? 5. The disp command is used only to monitor progress. Note the use of ... as the continuation character. 6. Try the command: 7. x = bisect_cosmx ( 0, 3 ) Is the value x close to a root of the equation cos(x)=x ? 8. Type the command
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Unformatted text preview: help bisect_cosmx at the Matlab command line. You should see your comments reproduced as a help message. This is one reason for putting comments at the top. 9. For what input numbers will this program produce an incorrect answer ( i.e. , return a value that is not close to a root)? Add a check before the loop so that the function will call the Matlab error function (use the help facility for details on using error ) instead of returning an incorrect answer....
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