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REPORT 1 The first lab repot talks about the percentage of CaCO3 in the eggsells and seashells ,so we did the chemical reaction and we used 250mL Erlenmeyer flask, a 10mL graduated cylinder,150mL beaker a plastic funnel ,a filter paper and a 6M HCl. We started the reaction with the eggshells and grind it up .Then we determined their masses .The eggshells mass was 0.2 g and the clean beaker mass was 72.5 but when we added the eggshells into the beaker the mass became 72.7g .After that we added the 5mL of 6M HCl into the 10 mL graduated cylinder and transfer it correctly to the 150mL beaker with the ground up eggshells .A very interesting
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Unformatted text preview: thing happened the mixture was fuming and bubbling slowly and after minutes the eggshells disappeared. We brought the filter paper and weight it ,it was 0.7 g .We transferred the mixture into the filter paper /funnel/Erlenmeyer flask and left the mixture to the next lab class to look at the result . We did the procedure with the seashells and we noticed an important thing which was the difference when we added the 5mL HCl .The seashells was fuming and bubbling faster than the eggshells and it disappeared quickly....
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