Apush Review - APUSH MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE. 1.In his pamphlet...

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APUSH MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE. 1.In his pamphlet Common Sense, Thomas Paine defended the idea of American Independence on the grounds that. That the king and the English constitution are flawed. 2.Which of the following most accurately describes the change in American public opinion between January 1774 and July 1776? Shift from an English nationalistic point of view to a paartiotic view. The problem was unsolvable, drastic measures were nedded.no compromise. 3. Which of the following sources would be most useful in studying the development of democratic institutions in the early colonial period ? The mayflower compact– first governing document of Plymouth Colony . It was drafted by the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower , seeking religious freedom. 4.The issue of religion figured most prominently in the consideration of which of the following? James Oglethorpe 5. The Restoration colonies had in common that they were all: - A restoration colony was one of a number of land grants in North America given by King Charles II of England in the latter half of the 17th century -Pennslyvaina and Carolina - To lure settlers, the proprietors promised religious freedom and offered land free for the asking Puritan intolerance of dissent led to the founding of a number of new colonies.” The founding of which of the 9. -Pennslyvania (quaker) -Marlyland( Catholic) -connecticut 6.By 1786, even defenders of the Articles of Confederation accepted the fact that which of the following needed to be strengthened?
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Right to tax 7.The chief purpose of mercantilist policies was to Export more than you import to keep the wealth in the nation. 8.The Constitution's most distinctive feature was its: -Bill of Rights or Equality of all…. 9.William Penn's “Holy Experiment” included all of the following ideas EXCEPT -The Holy Experiment was an attempt by the Quakers to establish a community for themselves in Pennsylvania . They hoped it would show to the world how well they could function on their own without any persecution or dissension. - it was a liberal frame of government, attracting all sorts of people, including many Quakers , who made up the Holy Experiment. He also wanted to treat the Native Americans fairly and not cheat them out of land. -DIDN’T INCLUDE THE BIBLE AS RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY FOR ALL. 10.In the mid-18th century, all of the following were generally true about slavery in the British colonies EXCEPT -Colonial laws gave slavery a permanent legal status. 11.Preachers of the Great Awakening focused on the importance of all of the following except: -The consequences pf leading a sinful life -it was strongly opposed in NE Which of the following is true of immigration to the colonies during the first half of the 18th century? Most immigrants came from colonial Europe.
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Apush Review - APUSH MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE. 1.In his pamphlet...

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