Important Court Cases - Court Cases(1803 Marbury v Madison...

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Court Cases (1803) Marbury v. Madison William Marbury (one of Adams' midnight appointments), sued Secretary of State Madison to force delivery of his commission as a justice of the peace in the federal district; Marshall would not rule on it, because he said the law that gave the Supreme Court power to rule over such matter was unconstitutional established the policy of judicial review over federal legislation Precedent of the Supreme Court's power to rule on the constitutionality of federal laws (1810) Fletcher v. Peck Georgia legislature issued extensive land grants to Yazoo Land Company; afterwards, it was considered corrupt, so there was a legislative session that repealed the action Court ruled that the original contract was valid and could not be broken (1819) Dartmouth College v. Woodward Republicans back the president of the college, Federalists backed the trustees president try to make it a public institution (instead of private) by having the charter revoked ruled that even though charter was granted by the king, it was still a contract and thus could not be changed without the consent of both parties (1819) McCulloch v. Maryland state of MD tried to levy a tax on the Baltimore branch of the Bank of the United States (to protect the competitive position of state banks) ruled against state, b/c state had no right to control an agency of the federal gov't (1824) Gibbons v. Ogden
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Important Court Cases - Court Cases(1803 Marbury v Madison...

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