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Unformatted text preview: Personalized Mobile Multimedia meets Location-Based Services Susanne Boll * and Jens Kr¨osche ** and Ansgar Scherp ** * Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Faculty II, Department of Computer Science, Escherweg 2, 26 121 Oldenburg, Germany, [email protected], ** Oldenburg Research and Development Institute for Computer Science Tools and Systems (OFFIS), Escherweg 2, 26 121 Oldenburg, Germany, { kroesche | scherp }, Abstract: When traveling and visiting new places, tourists are mobile as they wander around and follow tours through cities and landscapes. Location-based mobile systems today typically provide and deliver the the same information to all users which how- ever does not necessarily meet the individual user’s needs. In the presented approach, we aim to address the limitations of mobile devices, the unreliability of the network, and the different user’s interest for the selection and the delivery of multimedia in- formation to mobile devices. For this, a modular platform for mobile location-aware applications and a software framework for the generation of personalized multimedia content are integrated. Our sample application shows how the approach can provide a generic application support that allows the generation of mobile location-based per- sonalized multimedia content in the domain of travel and tourism. 1 Introduction Travel and tourism are domains in which individuals visit cities and places they are in general not familiar with and which they like to discover and learn more about. For these users, applications on mobile devices in combination with positioning systems enable the provision of location-based information. These services typically concentrate on the sup- port for navigation and routing tasks. In addition, they provide information about points of interest such as hotels and restaurants nearby. What is missing, however, is the availability of personalized and also multimedia-rich content. In particular, the exploitation of user profile information allows a selection and content delivery that meets the individual pref- erences, interests, and end user’s device characteristics. For mobile applications the user’s context plays an important role which can be exploited to best meet the user’s individual information needs at the mobile client – this is where location based services (and context) meet personalized mobile multimedia. In this paper, a system architecture and a sample application for mobile tourist informa- tion is presented, in which the user gets location-based personalized multimedia infor- mation about sights on demand. Its foundation are the underlying mobileMM4U frame- work for creating personalized multimedia content and the mobile location-aware Nic- cimon platform. Meeting the specific demands of mobile applications, the paper shows how a client/server distribution of application logic and media data can meet the het-...
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boll_KS_GI_MIS2004 - Personalized Mobile Multimedia meets...

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