Dehydration - Dehydration All living things require a...

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All living things require a continuous intake of water to maintain health, and the human body is certainly no exception. The importance of water to us can scarcely be overstated. The human body is roughly 60%-70% water in composition, including blood vessels, muscles and fat and requires water and its components, particularly electrolytes, to carry out every single one of its functions. While human bodies can survive without food for potentially a month or longer, they cannot live without water for more than a few days. A loss of 20% of the body’s water will result in death from dehydration, and can happen in a matter of mere hours. Water is found in every cell of the human body. Its functions in the human body are myriad. Water dissolves salts and more compounds than any other substance. Water helps to dissolve food to turn it into nutrients, acts as a conduit to bring those nutrients to every part of the body, and then helps to carry away waste products. An important function of water is to “transport nutrient elements to and within living cells without dissolving and destroying the organic molecules of which cells are made.”(Huereka,n.d.). Water also causes capillary action, which allows it to move throughout the body keeping body temperature steady and carrying wastes away from organs and cells through urine and sweat. Without water, our bodies would literally poison themselves. Water is the main component of all our tissues, organs, cartilage and is even a component of our bones. The brain receives is around 85% water and regularly receives about 20% of the body’s water intake. Water is crucial to keeping our other organs healthy and productive. “When the kidneys remove uric acid and urea, these must be
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Dehydration - Dehydration All living things require a...

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