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After comparing the label on the side of the bottle to the tables in this weeks reading, I was surprised by the results. By taking the serving size and servings recommended by Nutrients, the majority of the vitamins and minerals in this supplement are well above the recommended daily values suggested by this weeks reading. Consuming this multivitamin on a daily basis, guarantees that I will get more than enough essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy life. I think you do not need vitamins supplement as long as the balanced diet is eaten everyday including all the basic food groups specifically including fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe vitamins should never be taken as substitute to any food element and should only be taken as supplement.
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Unformatted text preview: By taking vitamin and mineral supplements, your body gets the nutrients that your body needs to thrive and fight disease. You would have to take an awful lot more than any available multivitamin to get to toxic levels of any vitamin. Only the fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K can be taken in toxic doses. These you could overdose on if you swallowed a whole bottle. No known multivitamin on the market comes anywhere close to toxic levels of any vitamin or mineral taking only one a day as recommended. Everyone should be taking a multivitamin everyday, as our food supply is depleted of many of the vitamins and minerals we need. Our soils that grow the food are sadly striped on many nutrients we need to stay healthy....
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