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Checkpoint- Personal Exercise Plan - phone, do abs crunches...

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From the Pyramid tracker my calories expended is 1128 on a three day period (My Pyramid Tracker,2010). To increase the amount of energy expended I could do the following: if you see a drinking fountain, walk over to it and get a drink of water, park the car farther away (I do this whenever I park everywhere! You do not have to fiddle- faddle around with driving around to find a close parking spot. Just park out in the boondocks, walk and get some exercise, and then walk back. It should really increase your exercise), during commercials, get up and walk around, walk around while on the
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Unformatted text preview: phone, do abs crunches in bed or deep breathing, do leg lifts while brushing your teeth I think the best one is walking, because I walk a lot at my job. Ex. Up and down the stairs, getting files, and showing clients were to go. This activity could be performed year round, especially because I could do it inside. It is an activity that could be done rain or shine. References USDA (2010). My pyramid tracker. Retrieved on February 5, 2010, from
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