capstone checkpoint-reflections on nutrition

capstone checkpoint-reflections on nutrition - I enjoyed...

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This class taught me the importance of nutrition and how to eat with consuming the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Learning about how much fiber to eat and the affects it has on your body, and how much calcium I really need to have strong healthy bones. The other thing was the vitamins and minerals (chapter 8, The Vitamins). This assignment showed me the importance of vitamins and that in large doses can be toxic. The recommendations gathered from My Food Pyramid has been a guide in balancing my individual nutritional needs with physical activity and allowed developing a plan that maintains a healthy weight and prevents disease appearing.
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Unformatted text preview: I enjoyed the most was the three day diet analysis. I learned a lot about my diet through this assignment. I was surprised to learn how much I was depriving my body of. I knew I was not eating enough food, but I did not know how much it was affecting my body. I knew my diet was not the best but seeing it written on paper helped me understand that it needed to change. Appropriate exercise since my energy level is always low. I should set up a wise method of physical activity which means increasing exercise and activity when possible; there is no reason to renounce the exercise program....
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