Lecture 15 & 16 repruduction2 sq key

Lecture 15 & 16 repruduction2 sq key - Short Answers to...

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1. In the general pattern of hormonal control of reproductive function in males and females, the brain controls reproduction, primarily using a feedback control system with 3 hormonal signals. a. In what processes and areas are the functions the same in males and females? The functions of the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary and the hormones they secrete are the same in males and females. Feedback by inhibin on the anterior pituitary is the same. Although the sex hormones are different, the feedback pathways are the same. b. The processes in the gonads and the sex hormones are different in males and females, but some cells and hormones are analogous. Which cells and hormones are analogous? Granulosa cells are analogous to sertoli cells and theca cells are analogous to leydig cells. Estrogen and testosterone are in many ways analogous. 2. a. One key difference between male and female gametogenesis is the ongoing differentiation of spermatogonia throughout the lifetime, versus the differentiation of all the primary oogonia before birth. How is it possible for spermatogonia to continue differentiating throughout a lifetime? Each time a spermatogonium undergoes mitosis, one of the daughter cells differentiates into a primary spermatocyte and the other doesn’t, so that the total number of spermatogonia stays constant. When oogonia undergo mitosis, both daughter cells differentiate into primary oocytes, so oogonia are not kept in reserve. How spermatogonia “decide” to differentiate or not is not yet known.
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Lecture 15 & 16 repruduction2 sq key - Short Answers to...

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