Obstacles 1 - Not inside your head

Obstacles 1 - Not inside your head - Obstacles to...

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Unformatted text preview: Obstacles to Communication "The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." George Bernhard Shaw First, you m ust com unicate m with... Other People!!! Othe pe are r ople NOT You!!! The have y : Biase opinions, s, e rie s, ide xpe nce as DI FFERENT PARENTS! Changed colors. Red's MY favorite color, but maybe not yours. We all naturally attempt to be understood in our own terms AND we attempt to UNDERSTAND others on our own terms, too. Here is how things actually seem to us, even if we don't know it: Your Brain Other people The Universe The World The Future But this is how things ARE... Your ACTUAL Brain in relation to the actual world Just as other people exist in your mind, other people create you in their minds based on what they believe, perceive, expect and have experienced. They look at your through the lens of the way they feel that day, what happened last night, what they hope to gain and what they fear. We are all the same in this. Objective reality is so elusive, some argue that THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE REALITY! Tell that to the freezing, wet guy waiting at the bus stop who didn't take his umbrella because he didn't BELIEVE it would rain! Now you'rere ady for Part Two Filte rs ...
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